Banana Republic Outlet

Why Banana Republic Outlet is a Consistently Dependable Shopping Destination

Banana Republic outlet is a mainstream luxury clothing retailer with firm roots in the United States of America. Founded in 1978 by Patricia Ziegler and Mel Ziegler as a travel themed outfit company, Banana Republic outlet has today grown by leaps and bounds. Not only is it a shopping destination for trendy outfits, but it has spread its wings to over 20 countries.

The success of Banana Republic outlet dates back to 1983 when it was bought by Gap inc. Gap strived to boost the sales of banana republic by offering high end, unique outfits. Tens of thousands of sales were buoyed up by Banana Republic’s hand illustrated catalogue which presented unique items imported from exotic locations. Moreover, gap rebranded banana republic to a pacesetter of luxury clothing. Today, Banana Republic boasts of 600 stores all over the world. Unfortunately, the original eccentric tourist oriented items, hand drawn catalogue and literate articles were replaced with fancy, but less unique items.

In 2005, Banana Republic opened doors to its first outlet outside North America in Ginza, Japan’s most prestigious shopping district. Today, banana republic is an outlet to reckon with. It has a presence in Pavilion in Kuala Lumpur, Senayan City in Jakarta, Avenues shopping mall in Kuwait, Apkujeong district of seol, Malaysia and Indonesia. As of January 2012, Banana republic operated about 26 stores in Canada and 500 stores in the unites states. Moreover, it operates outletets in London and Saudi Arabia. Additionally, the outlet is increasing its global presence with franchise agreements in Middle East, Europe and Asia.

  • How to Shop At Banana Republic Outlets

Shopping at Banana Republic presents one with an opportunity to shop at one of the most consistently dependable shoppingbanana republic apparel destinations of the world. Women, men and kids will find trend forward outfits and accessories. However, tens of thousands of shoppers do not know how to shop at Banana Republic. Here are detailed tips on how to shop at this giant outlet in order to have a fun filled experience.

At Banana Republic, stores are set up in a way that will make it easy for you to find what you need. For example, you will find jeans and all accessories and tees to go with them in one alcove. There are additional set ups for official clothing’s and khakis. At the front of each outlet, one will find an alcove for seasonal outfits and their accessories e.g. floral section for summer. However, everything has been set up in a way that will enable you to complete a look from shopping in a single alcove.

Banana Republic outlet has a clearance section that stocks outfits and accessories at a cheaper price than what they were being sold  at. These sections are arranged according to the size of outfits. However, the clearance sections are located at the back of the store. In this regard, they are not easy to spot, unless one is armed with the right information. Furthermore, one should take note of early markdowns at the clearance sections because they may not be of any significance.  However, waiting for a week or two after the initial markdown presents one with a perfect opportunity to shop for items when they are offered at the cheapest price.

At Banana Republic outlets, there are special sections that stock extended sizes items for the very tall or petite persons. What is more? Banana Republic has an exclusive online shop for extended sizes that guarantee free shipping for items that are worth more than $50.

Some of the premier outlets have special collections alcoves. Although the special collection is a limited edition, it offers a specific style point of view. For example, the “BR MONOGRAM” boasts of special occasion outfits that include silk tops, cocktail dresses and dinner outfits. Additionally, to keep its original safari roots alive, there is an alcove for classic safari pieces like khakis. In 2011 Banana Republic entered into a temporary agreement with “mad men” costume designer to stock 1960 inspired suits and dresses.

Often times, giant outfit outlets offer discounts to their clients. Fortunately, at Banana Republic, there are so many types of discounts that it is at times hard to establish if you are getting the best discount. The best way to determine if you are getting the right discount is to get on their email list for discount alerts. Make some time to enroll online and step aside and watch as benefits start to trickle down.

Getting yourself a Banana Republic shopping card is an ideal way to save each time you shop. For example, it is possible to save up to 30% when using the card as compared to the maximum 15% discount set.

When shopping for designer items, always pay attention to details. All genuine Banana Republic outlet outfits have 3 dots under the words Banana Republic.